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Updated: Mar 11

I figure you might be interested in why I decided to blog about casinos, including the various games, food, travel and accomodations, people and culture, so here goes!

Casinos can be a huge source of entertainment and outlet for people of all ages and backgrounds and they have been for me. I've had a love and don't-love-so-much relationship with them. You may be someone who is familiar with casino gambling, or perhaps just curious. This blog will be about my personal experiences and include any research I've done out of curiosity or for planning future visits. I'll give you the "skinny" on what I know and appreciate, the adventure and downfalls including tips and tricks in, out and around the casinos.

The first time I went to a casino, it was in the mid 1980's. My ex and I took a short 3-day excursion to Reno, Nevada and it was really exciting to me to plan. From the plane reservations, to babysitters and packing, I relished in the idea of the trip!

I shopped for dazzling "casino-type"clothes (what I imagined) built mostly for fashion, not practicality. I do remember two of the outfits were polyester shiny satin jumpsuits with collars and button-down fronts, square shoulder pads and thick wide belts. One was purple, and the other silver! Of course, big hair was also the thing, so I was decked out from head to toe, with my stiletto pointy toed heels to complete my look.

My husband at the time was not the planner, which was fine with me because my sense of adventure kicked in. There was no internet, and paper brochures and television commercials and others' stories were what I relied on then. There were no or or or sites to guide me. We had the phone book and travel agents. The AAA membership we had was a huge source of information, and particularly the paper fold out maps of the area.

That fact that we were parents of four children added an extra layer of planning that all parents face. How to get a babysitter for that many children and for three entire days was the big question. We didn't have family nearby, but fortunately, a single mother with 5 teenagers lived across the street, and the eldest daughter, Gina, was 19. The agreement was made that she could stay overnights with the kids in our home and if anything, complicated or emergency came about, a vehicle was there for her use and her mom across the street. Perfect.



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